Making head & neck muscle innervation easy

Yes, I know, what a catchy title! Trust me this post says what it does on the tin. I came across these rules when I was a medical student (the days when using a tablet meant chiselling into stone) from Robert Whitaker’s book Instant Anatomy, a superb book which I thoroughly recommend. Essentially the innervation […]

Cricoid Confusion

I was recently emailed a question regarding the function of the cricoid cartilage, in relation to swallowing and respiration. When trying to appreciate the functional anatomy of the cricoid cartilage, we need to frame it in the context of the larynx, as the cricoid cartilage functions in conjunction with other structures that make up the […]

All Too Human, Bacon, Freud And A Century Of Painting Life

A crucial but often overlooked part of anatomy is the study of morphometry, understanding how parts of an organism vary quantitatively, it gives us information about how form and function varies with age, gender and also can help us know how we’ve changed as a species through our evolution. Appreciation for the shape and proportions […]

Art & Anatomy Exhibition 2018

Today the exhibition almost didn’t happen! Last night I was staring at an Amazon tracking screen telling me that the acrylic frames I’d ordered had not been delivered. So after sending an expletive-filled email to the vendor, I decided to spend the rest of the evening sourcing alternative framing solutions, that could be delivered to […]

Welcome to The Dissection Room

The launch of the Dissection room has opened with the Art and Anatomy competition. The theme (Start-Stop) for the competition was taken from this years Art & Science Festival. Anatomy Students of the Institute of clinical sciences, including biomedical, bio-material, dentists and medics have all contributed to the exhibition and their artworks will be online […]