Art & Anatomy Exhibition 2018

Today the exhibition almost didn’t happen! Last night I was staring at an Amazon tracking screen telling me that the acrylic frames I’d ordered had not been delivered. So after sending an expletive-filled email to the vendor, I decided to spend the rest of the evening sourcing alternative framing solutions, that could be delivered to the Anatomy department before 1pm or finding an Art supplies store in Birmingham on my way up from London.  Fortunately, when I arrived in the morning the frames had magically appeared, well they’d been delivered with the easels on Monday, just Amazon was blissfully unaware of the fact and continue to deny that they have arrived! After a massive sigh of relief and one Anatomage session later, Ruth, Matt, Neil, Kezzi and Jim all came down to help me set the exhibition up. Later on, Helen and Anna joined us, and we all took turns covering the event.

I have to say we were all really pleased with how it went, the exhibition layout looked good, and we had an excellent turnout. A common theme in my discussions with the visitors was how impressive the standard of art was, in fact, we have already had people offering to buy pieces. This was the first ever Art & Anatomy exhibition showcasing students work, and I believe we only scratched the surface regarding the potential number of students capable of entering. I’m hoping the blog and annual exhibitions will continue to encourage more students to participate and captivate us with their artworks.

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